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Although Korea is an I.T. powerhouse with the highest Internet access rate in the world, researches on digital humanities are still in its infancy. On the one hand, it is true that not only Korea but also the other Asian countries were left behind in researches on digital humanities. On the other hand, Korea has actually developed its own version of digital humanities.

According to the professor Jung-yeoun Lee of the Kyonggi University, the terms of digital humanities refer as culture contents, culture informatics in Korea culture: products that presented by system or media. Even if this definition is somewhat biased in cultural aspects of digital humanities, it is reflecting current issue on digital humanities in Korea.

Korean government has been deeply involved in various historical and cultural researches. National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage is a perfect example.  Korea is a nation with a long history of five thousand years. So, there are a lot of national treasures and cultural that needs to be carefully protected. In order to  maintain vast historical and cultural data systematically, Korean government decided to move NRICH to the Daedeok Science Town in a first step integrating cultural studies and sciences.  Since then, NRICH has been carrying out various projects to excavate new nation’s culture treasures and conserve extant treasures. Here is the website. (http://www.nricp.go.kr/eng/)

One of the most noticeable changes in NRICH is most of treasures are encoded by information system.  They have been trying to conserve intangible cultural heritages as well as tangible properties.   Without computer technologies, these could be easily disappeared. At front page, anyone can access video and audio files of Korean cultural heritages.

Although it does not exist department or lab of digital humanity in Korean universities, there are several similar majors and labs that are closely related with digital humanities.  For example, Korea University created digital media lab. The goal of this lab is “nurturing globally competitive experts and creates beneficial services for everyone”. Here is the website (http://www.kdml.co.kr).  If you click technology section, you can see the object of this lab and the various courses are opened for the students. For example, LMS(Learning management system), e-book publishing system, advertisement platform of mobile and etc. At the same time, this lab has been participated a lot of projects. These projects are directly linked with the courses.