[DH101] TeX to Ebook Converter

Project Definition

The goal of the project is to create a converter for LaTeX documents to the EPUB/Mobipocket format with focus on mathematical formulas. The latest version of the EPUB format (version 3) includes support for MathML, but it is currently mostly unsupported by e-readers on the market (Kindle, Kobo, etc.). However, it is possible to display formulas using characters or to convert them to PNG images. The conversion happens in two steps, with an intermediate HTML format. Some tools exist that do part of the job, but there is no complete and convincing solution.

The objective is to create an easy-to-use way of converting documents with a result of reasonable quality for some simple LaTeX files that include formulas (LaTeX is very complex, so perfect conversion is not possible in general).


Choice of sample documents

We started by collecting a number of sample documents, which we used to…

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