Indus Valley project @ DH101

Since the beginning mankind has been interested in it’s history although not always for the same reason: a “propaganda” tool, to not reproduce the errors of the past, to rediscover lost knowledges …  This also the reason behind our project: trying to recover lost knowledge with the help of computational tools.

The Indus Valley civilization has been a well established community for hundreds of years yet today, it is impossible with our knowledge to decipher what they left behind. The latter being some breathtaking ruins and also some strange kind of tablets with what might be a script on it.

The picture above shows how those inscriptions look like on the tablet. Hundreds of different signs are listed with or without carvings on the tablets (as above, the cow for example). Those seals are in majority made out of clay and were found in the trash.

Several attempts on deciphering…

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