Genealogy of Instamatics

The Kodak Instamatic was a brand of Instamatic cameras designed by Kodak and introduced to the market in 1963. The term Instamatic refers to the film loading process, which is quite simply to insert the film cartridge into the camera and it is ready to shoot[1]. Our focus in this paper is the classification and “genetic relationships” of all the Instamatic Cameras during 1963 to 1997. Many parameters were considered as indicators of classification before our work, such as texture, weight, appearance, etc. However, due to the availability of data provided in Kodak official website, we finally decided to locked on the following three parameters: aperture, lens and shutter. Besides, we use appearance to judge the consistency of our result and slightly modify the genealogy.

Outline of our previous researches

In the first blog, we gave a genealogy tree based only on intuitive judgment from their exterior-appearance. Since limited Instamatic…

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