Dear DH101 students,

After some deliberations we have decided on five DH101 awards for this year projects : 2 Gold awards and 3 Silver awards.

The choice was not easy as many projects were very interesting. The following projects were awarded for different reasons : some for the quality of their presentation, some for their technical or scientific achievements and others for the way their team worked in a interdisciplinary manner. Most of the selected projects could lead to further development like scientific publications or a more ambitious services. Please contact me if you are interested in working further towards these goals, for instance through semesters, masters and even in some cases, Ph.D projects. If you are not among the award winners but wish to pursue your project beyond the scope of the course, please contact me also.

Thanks again to all of you.

Frederic, on the behalf of the DH101 teaching team.

* GOLD Awards

– Nietzsche : A digital biography

Orlin Topalov  & Vojtech Vit

We think the project was very well conducted, is outstanding in terms of technical achievement and has a lot of future potential. We would be happy to discuss how the DHLAB could help pushing it to the next stage through a tighter integration with our current research program. This could take the form a more general service permitting user-contribution (for instance by building a generic CMS tool). Please contact me to discuss this.

– Measuring and visualizing the increase in narrative complexity in TV series

Aleksandra Djurica,  Felix Simon Oesch & Radu Horia

We liked a lot the originality, the methodology and research approach of this project. The good team work was also very appreciated. We would like to help you push this investigation further and work on submitting a new version to an academic conference, for instance Digital Humanities 2014. Please contact me if you are interested.

* Silver Awards

Venice Art Mapping

Tania Palmieri & Orhan ÖCAL

The project was well conducted with a good balance of motivation and seriousness. The demonstration was one of the nicest of this year presentations. We are considering submitting this work to the ESRI conference in Versailles this autumn. Please contact Melanie Fournier to discuss this if you are interested.

– Deciphering the Indus Valley Script

Emil Shaykhilslamov & Thibaud von Erlach

We appreciated the motivation for this ambitious project and the quality of the collaboration with Prof. François Voegeli. It is definitively a project that could be pushed further through dedicated semesters or master projects. Please contact us if you are interested.

– EPFL Media control room

Dalia el Badawy

The promising project demonstration was well appreciated by the jury. Although the project needs some technical improvements it could become, with some additional work, a very interesting service for EPFL. If you are interested in working more closely with the DHLAB team to push this project to the next stage please contact us.